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Saturday, 27 August 2011

The Makers of False Idols *URG*

Idol: noun
1) An image or representation of a god used as an object of worship
2) A person or thing that is greatly admired, loved, or revered * - movie idol Robert Redford

Last week we came across a disturbing news article and image in which Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have been "Immortalized" in a bronze statue by the controversial sculptor Daniel Edwards. This statue is called "Justin & Selena As One" and depicts the practically naked couple as a 21st Century Adam & Eve. Looking deeper at the sculpture we can also see a few other themes like Androgyny, Paedophilia, Inter-Species sex (Hybrids) and even Mind Control.

"As One" obviously alludes to the mixing of the sexes (Androgyny) and as you can see from the image Justin & Selena's bodies have emerged into one and are sharing limbs. This also alludes to the Mind Control theme as Justin is slightly behind Selena and the middle leg that is leading the way is hers. Could Selena Gomez be Justin Bieber's handler? The paedophilia link is very blatant and we wonder if we really need to point out to any of our readers that Bieber is under the age of consent? Even more disturbing is the news of another sculpture by Edwards that will be accompanying this piece... a sculpture of Justin's... GENITALS!

This sculpture will be alongside a recreation of Jimi Hendrix's genitals to show that "Justin can hang with Jimi". At the base of the statue is a Goose mounting an Armadillo which we believe to be a symbol of the hybridization of angel / alien / Jinn (whatever your belief) and man under the guise of these animals being mascots of Bieber & Gomez's geographical origin. The couple also have an allegedly patriotic symbol each covering their intimate parts, Selena having the "Lone Star" of Texas which in reality is just a 5 Pointed star or Pentagram and Justin has the Canadian Maple Leaf. Maple trees and leaves are a pagan symbol, please refer to our Beltane article (click here) for more information on that.

Daniel Edwards has also made many other sculptures which have an esoteric and occult symbolic meaning. His main trick though is to get the public to obsess over the controversial aspects of the image first and thus ignore the true symbology of his "art".
Jay Z with a Sparrow on his head

Lady Gaga as Saint Francis of Assisi - This sculpture was made from oil collected by Edwards from the Gulf oil spill

Angelina Jolie breastfeeding is similar to the many depictions of Isis breastfeeding Horus as pictured below

The Oprah Winfrey Sarcophagus bears a remarkable resemblence to the many mother goddess figurines and idols that were common in antiquity

Marc Quinn

Another artist who is noted for 'immortalizing' celebrities in gold, bronze and marble, is Marc Quinn.

Marc Quinn posing as God... see Michaelangelo's painting "The Creation Of Adam" below... note how he is dressed in all white next to some enlarged Torah scrolls.

Quinn is part of the Young British Artists. This is a noted group of artists that started independently displaying their artwork in warehouses and factories in the 1980's. A number of successful and highly controversial artists arose from this group including Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin. Many of these artists were initially supported by Charles Saatchi. Saatchi is co founder of the global advertising company 'M&C Saatchi'. In the 80's, his company was famous for many successful campaigns including 'Silk Cut' cigarettes, promotion of the Conservatives led by Maggie Thatcher, and British Airways. In other words, Saatchi is in with the 'big boys'.

Quinn has shown a particular fascination with Kate Moss. In 2006 he made a series of bronze sculptures of her in various Yoga poses for an exhibition entitled 'Sphinx (road to enlightenment)'. When asked about this Quinn said

''She is a contemporary version of the Sphinx. A mystery. There must be something about her that has clicked with the collective unconscious to make her so ubiquitous, so spirit of the age"

Quinn also said:

"When people look back at this time she'll be the archetypal image, just as Louise Brooks was in the 1920s. For me as an artist it's interesting to make something about the time I live in."

All of the sculptures are finished with white paint except one which is left bronze. This appears to show Kate in a Buddhist meditation pose and she doesn't have any skin.

He said this picture gives the feel of ''more limbs than are actually the multi limbed Hindu deity Shiva''. This is just one of his references to Kate being like an actual Goddess.

In 2008 he went on to create a solid 18 carat gold version of one of these bronze statues which he entitled 'Siren'. It was displayed in the British Museum amongst statues of Greek deities including Aphrodite. It is the largest gold statue made by man since ancient Egyptian times. Kate Moss said she feels this lifts her into a mythical level! The statue was raised on a plinth and is supposed to ''hark back to the Egyptian, Assyrian and Classical statues that already fill the museum''.

The papers even admitted that she ''has been paid the kind of compliment normally reserved for Egyptian queens and mythological goddesses.''

Zeus & Minerva

Kate Moss isn't the only person to be immortalized by Quinn...

Pamela Anderson

Michael Jackson

Chelsea Charms a porn star who also has similarities to the mother goddess idols

We are not saying that it is our personal opinion that anyone who likes these celebrities or sculptures is doing anything wrong or unholy. We are just trying to show that yet again 'THEY' (The Hierarchy Enslaving You) are trying to put the idea of these people being more than human into our subconscious and that they do not respect the beliefs of any organised religion. At the very least, creating these false idols is insulting to Muslims, Catholics and Jews which is what we do have a problem with. To a degree, we can also add Hindus and Buddhists into the equation because although they do not condemn the creation and use of man made God or Goddess representations, they do not believe in an excessive admiration, devotion, envy or attachment to a person or thing from this world such as a celebrity or money. It has been made very clear in religious text that idol worship is not a positive thing:

ACTS 15:29 - Therefore since we are God's offspring, we should not think that the divine being is like gold or silver or stone--an image made by man's design and skill.

PSALMS 115:4 - But their idols are silver and gold, made by the hands of men.

LEVITICUS 19:4 - Do not turn to idols or make gods of cast metal for yourselves.

This really is just the tip of the iceberg and we hope to return soon with a full exposé of key players in the art world including all the sculptures and works by the two aforementioned "artists". Much love and many blessings till next time!

The Makers of False Idols -
Written by Zoe Joanne Hudson & Brent Lee Regan
Copyright 2011 Unassimilated Research Group

The Festival of False Hope (Beltane 2011) *URG*

Unbeknownst to most people on the planet, the "Illuminati" were playing out a large scale ritual from the end of April 2011 to the beginning of May 2011. From what we at URG have been able to decipher through an extensive amount of research and the privilege of watching events unfold in real-time, "THEY" sure were busy.

The Festival of False Hope (Beltane 2011)

Beltane 2011 fell on a particularly unique time, just one week after Easter (which is genuinely quite a rare occurrence) and in line with some truly magnificent planetary alignments in the heavens which happen only once every 30 years. From what we will here lay out for you, we hope you will see what exactly THEY were doing and why it was done on such a massive scale.

We believe that four major events over the weekend held a symbolic significance and were part of a mass occult ritual. These events were, Obama's Birth Certificate, The British Royal Wedding, The Assassination of Osama Bin-Laden and Saif Al-Arab Gaddafi and lastly the Beatification of Pope John Paul II.

The reason our world played the stage of this mass occult ritual is because these elitists have their own religions and belief systems or cults... Some are Druids, some from the Cult of Dionysus, some are Saturnalians, some Solar, Stellar or Lunar worshippers and some are just plain Lucifereans. And there are some that take from all systems because at the root they understand that it's all the same thing...

Birth: Obama and his illusive birth certificate.

After much controversy, on Wednesday the 27th of April 2011, Obama finally decided to present the world with his birth certificate. Why now? As we all know, we get a birth certificate right after we are born. We think this was done at this specific time as a representation of birth in the new world.

Life: Royal Wedding

Kate Middleton, now known as Catherine or the Duchess of Cambridge, arrived at Westminster Abbey at 11:00 am on the 29th of April, 2011. It took 11 minutes for her to walk down the aisle and for the congregation to sing the first hymn before the ceremony commenced at 11:11 am. There were many reasons why the Royal Wedding took place at this specific time and date. They were wedded by Rowan Williams, the Arch Bishop Canterbury. He is an open initiate of the highest Druid order of the Gorsedd of Bards.

As well as the 11's mentioned above, the number 11 is repeated here in William & Catherine's age: 29 (2+9=11) and also in the date: 29th (2+9=11). 24.5 million People watched worldwide (2+4+5=11) plus 650 Guests at "The Formal Lunch" (6+5=11).

The number 11 is what's known as a "Master Number" because it is a double digit of the same number, so the attributes of the number 1 will be doubled. The main attributes are: new beginnings and purity. It also represents: higher ideals, vision and a balance of ale/female, Sun/Moon energy. In other schools of numerology the number 11 stands for imperfection, the disorganization of systems and the disorder or chaos of things.

The second reason for picking this date was a spectacular planetary alignment. This was a conjunction of Jupiter, Mars, the Moon, Venus and Mercury, forming a "Royal Crown" in the sky. When the engagement was announced, Saturn was in the sign of Virgo. This alignment was also present at William & Kate's births and when Prince Charles and Diana got married which we find more than a coincidence.

And the third and final reason was Beltane. Beltane is the Pagan fire festival which is usually celebrated during 30th April and 1st May and marks the beginning of summer. It is also connected to the Samhain Halloween festival we are all familiar with on 31st October. It is thought that the veil between worlds is thinner during both of these times. Although the actual Royal Wedding did not take place during Beltane itself, the wedding party did roll through to the 30th of April and we think that there where many factors to be considered in choosing the actual wedding date, not just Beltane.

The wedding served as the start of the larger ritual that took place during the whole of this bank holiday weekend of false hope. Beltane is the traditional time for hand fasting wedding ceremonies. We noticed that during the Royal ceremony, William and Kate both momentarily had something wrapped around their hands. Could this have been a small gesture added to honour the handfasting ceremony?

Part of the Beltane celebrations, include Maypole dancing, dancing and jumping over fire, and the reenactment of the union between the May Queen and King. This is usually done in a ritualistic manner with the May King dressed to represent the Pagan deity Green Man and the May Queen accompanied by four Handmaidens and wearing a wreath of flowers in her hair. Their unity represents the unity of the heavens and Earth and the restoration of the natural order. The May Queen is also said to be the bringer of summer through her creation of a bonfire. It is interesting then that after the wedding ceremony, Richard Chartres, the Bishop of London, quoted Catherine of Sienna by saying 'Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire'. Kate did indeed have four brides 'maids', each of them with a wreath of flowers in their hair. Kate herself did not have the wreath of flowers as she was given the Queen mother's tiara to wear. The tiara is called the "Cartier Halo", which was another symbolic gesture in itself.

Colours associated with Beltane are emerald, duck egg blue, yellow, orange, and all pastel shades. If you listen to the pre-wedding commentary, you will notice the constant description of female wedding guests as wearing emerald dresses. We noticed how guests were dressed to represent their chosen cult. Prominent male figures such as David Cameron and Nick Clegg could be seen wearing morning jackets which is a Masonic tradition.

There were several people fully dressed in black or navy blue as if the occasion was a funeral. These were actually some of the Saturnalian cult members such as Victoria Beckham wearing navy blue which is representative of Saturn. Also notice how David Beckham's OBE medal is worn on the wrong side of his moring jacket, and looks unmistakably like an upside down crucifix.

There were also a large number of hats (all made by the same designer: Philip Treacy) that were designed to be worn on the side of the head and give the appearance of the planet Saturn. Brims of the hats were made from an almost translucent material so that it gave the appearance of the rings.

Other head dresses and fascinators were designed to look like decorated eggs worn at the front of the head. Dionysian and Pagan sun worshipers were wearing duck egg blue, yellow and a strange combination of bright orange and emerald green. Both the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister's wives wore a combination of these colours.

The Queen herself wore a yellow outfit that was specifically tailored to give the illusion of sun rays emanating from the neckline downwards. This was even stated in the commentary.

Then we get to the venue itself. The floor of the abbey has the Masonic checkerboard design and the obligatory red carpet was used to represent the 'bloodline' of the elite. The checkerboard design is used to represent that what is taking place is indeed part of a grand tactical game they are playing. The isle was decorated with a series of young Maple trees. We think this was chosen to keep with the celebration of nature associated with Beltane and also to create a play on words - Maple/Maypole.

So, this Paganistic Royal wedding served jointly as a Beltane celebration and as the 'new life and better order' of the false illusion of hope now being pushed on us by the global elite. Key words and phrases were used by commentators to further create this illusion. They even went as far as saying that the wedding had an ‘ante-deluvial feel'.

Death: Osama, Gaddafi's Son & Grandchildren

Over the following two days the high profile death rituals took place.

On Saturday, the 30th of April as night fell over Libya, NATO forces conducted an air raid on a "Command Center" which turned out to be a villa in a residential area near Tripoli. Muammar Gaddafi's youngest son Saif Al-Arab Gaddafi (29) and three of the leader's children were murdered in the strike. British Prime Minister David Cameron told Andrew Marr of the BBC that the policy is not about "targeting individuals", he continued "It is in line with UN resolution 1979 and is about preventing loss of civilian life by targeting Gaddafi's war making machine".. What a truly horrendous comment, Cameron downplayed the sacrificial murder of three children who were all under the age of 12 by equating them to the tanks and weapons if the Libyan Armed Forces.

Then on Sunday, the 1st of May 2011 (Beltane), the world’s most wanted patsy Osama Bin-Laden was allegedly assassinated in Pakistan by US Navy Seals and then buried at sea. Media reports on the day repeatedly stated their mantra that Osama Bin-Laden had died in a "Fire Fight", which we believe was a symbolic reference to the Beltane celebration. There is much speculation about this report of Osama's death as it has been widely speculated and reported that he died at a much earlier time. One thing is certain however, the timing of laying his image to rest now was done as a symbolic death to an era.

The number 5 was often repeated in media reports... Osama Bin-Laden was 55, there were 5 people killed on the first day of the 5th month. 5 is the marriage of Hieros gamos as combination of feminine and masculine which is another reference to Beltane. It also has ties with Venus as its years completed in groups of five, the Pentagram and in the Kaballah the number 5 represents fear and in other systems it is the number of death.

Resurrection: The Beatification of Pope John Paul II

The final part of this mass ritual which also took lace during Beltane, was the Beatification of Pope John Paul II.

As Pope John Paul's body was exhumed we believe this event to be the "The Resurrection Ritual".

Following an alleged healing of Sister Marie Simon-Pierre Normand by the deceased Pope John Paul, the Vatican conducted the Beatification of the "Blessed" John Paul in St. Peter's Square (notice again the 'bloodline' carpet of the ruling elite in the picture above). During the Mass, Sister Marie presented Pope Benedict with one of four vials of blood that were taken from John Paul before his death.

Pope Benedict kissed the silver reliquary in which the vial of blood was placed and prayed over John Paul's coffin, which had a copy of the Lorsch Gospels, an "Illuminated Medieval book of the Gospels" layed on top of it, one of the most precious books in the Vatican Library.

The coffin was then sealed under an altar in a chapel near Michelangelo's famous marble statue Pieta and his blood is now available for the faithful to venerate. Another bizarre twist to the event was the peculiar attendances of John Paul's would be assassin Ali Agca and Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe. Normally subjected to a Europe-wide travel ban, the EU temporarily lifted the ban and allowed him to attend the ceremony.

The Festival of False Hope.
Written by Zoe Joanne Hudson
and Brent Lee Regan.

Glastonbury 2011 (The Unassimilated Review)

Something is happening.. something BIG! Honestly, it seems you can't go a few weeks without some major occult ritual occurring in front of our eyes. You can't even sit down with the intention of enjoying a few bands playing at a music festival without being bombarded with subliminal suggestions, occult symbology and the secret indoctrination of the New World Order. Not only from the propagandist BBC who own the sole rights to cover the event but from the presenters, musicians, singers, reporters and organizers themselves. What we witnessed has shocked us, and what we have uncovered will probably surprise you as much as it did us.

What follows is an overview of the Glastonbury Festival, it's origins, it's occult ties and the ritual of 2011. Along with this overview, we have also written a full analysis of each of the headlining acts, please click on the relevant links to read them.

Glastonbury History: What is Glastonbury?

The 4th incarnation of the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury

The Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts is an annual event held near the English town of Glastonbury. In September 1970, local farmer Michael Eavis held "The Pilton Pop, Blues & Folk Festival". Soon after this festival was held, Eavis was approached by Druid & Neo-Pagans, Andrew Kerr, Bill Harkin & Arabella Churchill with an offer to organize another free music festival on his land the following year. Eavis agreed and in 1971 the "Glastonbury Fayre" was born.

Michael Eavis

Who were these people?

Andrew Kerr

Andrew Kerr is the man responsible for changing the name of the festival to "Glastonbury Fayre" and helping Michael Eavis create the festival we know today. He brought his druid beliefs to the event by moving the date to celebrate the Summer Solstice and after dousing the area decided the placement of the main stage to be on an alleged Ley Line connected with Stonehenge only a few miles away.

Bill Harkin

Bill Harkin, the designer of the main stage at Glastonbury known as "The Pyramid Stage". In 1970, Bill Harkin met Michael Eavis after he was camping in a field and looking up at the stars when he "Experienced an intense feeling of light" that told him to go to Glastonbury. Harkin then met Eavis at Glastonbury Tor, which according to Celtic legend is a portal to the underworld and site where Joseph of Aramathea buried the Holy Grail. He is also the Architect & Designer who designs the stage for the Conservative Party Conference.

Arabella Spencer-Churchill

Arabella Spencer-Churchill was the granddaughter of former English Prime Minister and Druid Winston Churchill. Before becoming one of the founders of Glastonbury, Arabella worked at London Weekend Television (now ITV London) and appeared on the cover of LIFE Magazine as part of a feature on the possible future spouses of Prince Charles. Note Arabella's surname... She is from the Spencer family, we can only guess that her bloodline must not have been pure enough as the Royals eventually settled on Diana Spencer instead.

Arabella Spencer-Churchill on the cover of LIFE Magazine

In 1971 she left London due to a scandal in which she snubbed a NATO function and ran away to Glastonbury after being invited by her friend Andrew Kerr. Her connection with Kerr is that he was her father's close friend and assistant and biographer for her grandfather Winston Churchill.

Winston Churchill: center-right wearing a bowtie

A Spiritual Satellite: The Pyramid Stage

1971, The first incarnation of the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury

Bill Harkin's "Pyramid Stage" design was inspired according to his own words "after I had a dream in which I saw two beams of light, forming the Pyramid". According to Glastonbury's official website, The Pyramid Stage was built because

"...the pyramid shape is a very powerful structure, the apex of which draws energy up and transmits it still further while the energy from the stars and sun are attracted to it and drawn down." - Glastonbury Official Website

A BBC clip about the history of the Pyramid Stage went so far as to call it a "Spiritual Satellite". And that's what we think they believe it is. But to where? To who? And why?

As Above So Below: The Stone Circle & the site's Astronomical ties

The Swan Circle aligned with Cygnus / Orpheus / Roc

Ivan McBeth, a Druid in the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids and founder of the Megalithic Order of Druids, was approached by Michael Eavis in 1990 to build a stone circle to commemorate the Summer Solstice in an area of his land called "The Green Fields". McBeth and his partner Iain Sika Rose initially built "The Pixie Circle" on the highest spot on site but two years later Eavis asked McBeth to build a bigger one. They then constructed "The Swan Stone Circle" an egg shaped circle mirroring the constellation Cygnus. Since it's construction in 1992, it has now been made the annual site for holding the opening ceremony of Glastonbury Festival.

Glastonbury opening ceremony 2011

An odd fact about the Swan Stone Circle from the official Glastonbury website:

"Under each stone are significant items that represent the direction of which each faces. There are crystals from Stonehenge, water from the Ganges, stone from the Pyramids, healing herb and many, many other items of mystical and religious significance." - Glastonbury Official Website

Why so vague? Why not tell us exactly what lies beneath the stones? The oddities do not stop there. Accompanying this Swan Stone Circle in the Green Fields is also a 30 foot Dragon and a King Oak (... a majestic and very old tree). We couldn't find much information about the dragon but find it more than a coincidence that Cygnus (Swan), Draco (Dragon) & Cepheus (King) are neighbours in the sky.

An Unholy Trinity: Cygnus, Draco & Cepheus

Cepheus: The King

The constellation of Cepheus takes it's name from an ancient Ethiopian king, in some tales he is linked with Epaphus, the ancestor of all the pharaohs, in Greek mythology he was the father of the royal family and according to Arabic Astronomers he is Khufu, the alleged Pharaoh who ordered the building of the Great Pyramid of Giza. To the Jew, Christian and Muslim, the Pharaoh represents the ultimate in human rebellion against God, for Pharaoh declared himself God and demanded that all worship him. These attributes are all too similar to what the alleged Anti-Christ of Revelation will say and do. This is the son of the Unholy Trinity. We feel at this point we should say whether one believes in these prophecies or gods and goddesses or not, one thing is apparent, THEY do. And that is what's truly important here, understanding what exactly it is THEY believe.


To the Egyptians, Draco was recognized as Tawaret the demon-wife of Apep, the original god of evil.. She is linked with Lilith and other unholy goddesses and demons. In Ancient Mesopotamia she was considered to be the female monster: Tiamat, symbol of chaos. Christian legend equates Draco with the Leviathan of The Book of Revelation. So this Draco is definitely the feminine aspect of this unholy trinity.

Cygnus / Orpheus /Roc

What's left is the masculine aspect of this trinity... In Pre-Islamic Arabian mythology and folklore the constellation we in the west call Cygnus was known as the "Roc", a mythical bird similar to an Eagle or Phoenix.

According to the Ethiopian Holy Book: The Kebra Nagast, the Roc delivered a holy piece of wood to King Solomon so he could complete building the Temple. This piece of wood was given an honoured place in the Temple and decorated with silver rings after it was said to have healed the Queen of Sheba's foot from that of a goat to that of a human. These silver rings were given to Judas Iscariot as payment for betraying Jesus and the wood became Jesus’ cross. It should also be noted that in "The Keys Of Solomon" it is understood that Solomon was given a ring with the six pointed star on it to enslave demons and make them construct the temple. With that in mind we wonder if this mythical Roc was benevolent or not, especially considering this has a clear association with Jay Z's Roc-A-Fella.

Relief of Orpheus (Note the swan under him)

In Roman religion, Cygnus was Orpheus, God of the underworld. Orpheus was a master musician and had the ability to charm all living things and even stones with his music. He once used it to soften the hearts of Hades and Persephone in a plea to bring his wife back from the dead. He is also said to have started the Cult of Dionysus, the worship of Hecate and is directly linked with Mithraism and the Cult of Sol Invictus.

If Orpheus is Cygnus which in turn is the Roc... Is Orpheus then the first Roc Star, or is he maybe a little more Roc-A-Fella?

Hallowed Ground: Joseph of Aramathea, The Holy Grail & King Arthur

Another reason that Glastonbury has such an air of mystery and mythology is the claims that this was the mystical land of King Arthur's Avalon and resting place of King Arthur & Guinevere. Legends also allude to it being the place where Yeshuah's (Jesus) uncle, Joseph Of Aramathea came with the Holy Grail and allegedly built the first over-ground Christian church. When arriving at Glastonbury, Joseph reportedly drove his staff into the ground and in it's place a Holy Thorn tree grew. Every year the Mayor of Glastonbury and the oldest child at the school take a cutting from the tree and it is then sent to the Queen.

Glastonbury Tor & St. Michael's Tower

Glastonbury Tor is a hill in Glastonbury on which St. Michael's Tower stands. Tor is a Celtic word which means "rock outcropping" or "hill". The Tower is all that remains of the medieval St. Michael's church that stood until an earthquake hit on September 11, 1275. It is claimed that the Tor is also an entry point to the Underworld and a place that the dead meet before they move on to another existence. The myths and legends about this place are plentiful so we implore you to research this yourself and see what you find!

IV - The fours

Beyonce's ring finger with the number 4 tattoo

Another interesting note about the festival, the artists and the Pyramid stage were the many numerological synchronicities, especially with the number 4. This year, 2011 (2+1+1=4) was the 40th anniversary of the Pyramid, There have been 4 incarnations of the stage, it is 40m x 40m, 4 times larger than its previous incarnation and has 4 kilometres of steel tubing, weighing over 40 tonnes.

This was the 4th time Coldplay played at Glastonbury. U2 numerologically adds up to 4. (U = the 20th letter.. 20+2=22 - 2+2=4). Both bands also have 4 members. And Beyonce was there to promote her new album entitled 4 which is her 4th studio album and not the reason she's calling it 4. Coldplay also have 4 studio albums and 4 of their songs have been played by NASA to wake up Astronauts aboard the Shuttles and the International Space Station commonly referred to as ISIS by NASA. This was actually another connection between the three headlining acts as all have had their music played by NASA. Check out the full length articles featuring U2, Coldplay & Beyonce for more fours and the NASA connection.

Aleister Crowley's Book IV

The number Four is symbolic of building a new foundation and the Masonic square. With the Beltane ritual and many other "False Hope" occurrences that have been happening this year, we believe they have put an era to rest and are laying the foundations of a new one. It is also the title of an important book of Magik to the elite written by Aliester Crowley. As you may already know, Jay-Z aligned himself with Crowley's teachings and with Beyonce's new tattoo on her ring finger and calling her new album "4" you can see that she has fully converted to the same beliefs.

Jay-Z wearing Crowley's motto across his chest

The Music: Lose yourself in the music tonight!

We have written some full analysis' of the three main acts which you can find here: U2 - Coldplay - Beyonce - but along with those acts there were hundreds of others that were in on the ritual and there to help fuel the revellers. It would have taken us all year to decode every performance for this article so here a few relevant pictures for you to look at. Research these bands and you will see their connection to the NWO agenda.

Jessie J - Impersonating The Empress Tarot Card

Primal Scream - All Seeing Eye

Biffy Clyro - Masonic Checkerboard Backdrop

Lead Singer from Pendulum - Skull Shirt

Block9: London Underground & NYC Downlow

Also at this festival you can find the Block9 Field.

"A late night wonderland of breathtaking creations and serious soundsystems will be open from sunset to sunrise and includes bars, nightclubs, a restaurant, huge art installations and extremely alternative cabaret." - Glastonbury Official Website

Block9 was home to 4 "creations"... London Underground, NYC Downlow, The Pale Blue Door and Vogue Fabrics' Disco.

London Underground, Block9's "Crowning Glory" was a rave held in an apartment tower block. Once again we'll let Glastonbury's official website describe it:

"A sinister, 50ft decaying tower block with a life-size, blazing tube train bursting from the 5th floor" - Glastonbury Official Website

London Underground at Block9

Yeah, that's right. A carriage from an underground tube train is half sticking out of the building from the fifth floor. It's a scene that melds the horrors of 9/11 and 7/7 into one pill for your subconscious to swallow and further makes you accept their apocalyptic vision of the world. If that's not sick enough, the way in to the rave was a maze of confusion similar to an initiation rite. That may sound strange and totally unbelievable but that's exactly what we saw, something strange and unbelievable! But after researching the brains behind this attraction we came to find it was true. First let us tell you what we saw...

When we were watching the BBC coverage, we were shown a presenter doing a walk around Block9, the "Seedy Section" of Glastonbury. To gain entry to the night club area the presenter was first led into a dingy and dirty looking reception lobby where two people were seated and one lady was standing by the next door. The presenter was allowed to go through the door into a room with electrical torture devices were strewn about. Two men dressed in white shirts and black ties looking auspiciously like CIA agents were there standing over a woman strapped to a chair with a hood over her head. One man then removed the hood from the terrorist's head, to show a Caucasian woman who was playing either unconscious or dead. At this point the presenter seemed quite freaked out, but was ushered into the next room. In the third room the camera zoomed in on a blood-stained mattress on the floor. The room was again dark and dirty, standing up next to the mattress and another door was a woman. This woman looked like she was possibly a prostitute and a drug addict. Through the next door was a long white hallway. This hallway had an Alice In Wonderland / Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory feel where as you ascended through the hallway it got smaller making you look bigger. At the end of the hallway was a door shaped like a refrigerator that the presenter had to then go through. Emerging from the refrigerator, the presenter finds herself in a cartoon kitchen being shouted at by three Caribbean Ladies. Confusion sets in again in the presenter's psyche and she quickly walks through the next door to find herself in a long black hallway. At the end we are shown the massive rave and the end of her distress and confusion. See the video for yourself below!

The creator of this spectacle is a man by the name of David Rosenberg. He is Director of a theatre production company called SHUNT. For seven years they were based in a subterranean 70,000 square foot area of pitch-black darkness known as The Vaults, under London Bridge Station. Rosenberg describes SHUNT as "the filthy punks of theatre".

"For the past four years, this network of cavernous chambers has hosted the strange and eerie worlds created by Rosenberg and the rest of the 10-strong collective. With Shunt, you do not so much watch shows as experience them. Tropicana led its audience through a shadowy parallel world inhabited by fugitives and theatricals; Ether Frolics recreated the feeling of being anaesthetised, which drew on Rosenberg’s experience as a doctor." - John Nathan (The Jewish Chronicle)

These "shows" are highly reminiscent of Ancient Mystery School initiations in which the adepts would take their initiates into caves and caverns in order to put the students through various rituals.

Another attraction at Block9 was NYC Downlow. A recreation of New York's retro gay scene...

"Celebrating 5 years of mayhem, Block9’s legendary NYC Downlow returns in 2011 bigger and badder than ever before. In this life-size ruin of an NYC tenement, the murky homo fantasies of The Downlow crew fuse to resurrect New York’s golden age." - Glastonbury Official Website

What the website failed to mention was similar to the train at the London Underground, NYC Downlow had a New York Yellow Cab sticking out of one of the windows. Entry into the club was only permitted if you had a moustache, real or fake. And men could get in for free if they let the doorman feel their genitals.

NYC Downlow at Block9

There was also a restaurant and hotel "The Pale Blue Door" which rented rooms for an hourly rate... and a backroom Disco hosted by VogueFabrics:

"A kinky backroom in a field. Sensory stimulus. Benidorm or Bedlam? Aversion therapy, sexual deviation, addictive obsessions, abnormal results. Behaviour modification, enlightenment, aftercare." - Glastonbury Official Website

It seems this whole area was created to do nothing but drag humans into lower acts of selfishness and worldly hedonism.

Christopher Shale: David Cameron's ROC

David Cameron with Christopher Shale

And finally when we thought it couldn't get any more bizarre, at 9 o'clock on Sunday morning a Conservative MP turned up dead in a portable toilet behind the main stage. Christopher Shale was chairman of the Conservative association, which covers Mr Cameron’s constituency of Witney, Oxfordshire. His death coincided with the publication of a leaked Conservative Party strategy memo in "The Mail on Sunday" in which he made some very unpopular remarks about the party. Shale was at Glastonbury with his family & friends staying in the £10,000 VIP area. One of these friends was Rupert Soames, CEO of Aggreko (supplies 25% of Africa with electricity), close friend of Shale and another of Winston Churchill's grandchildren. Soames allegedly was the last person to see Christopher Shale alive stating, "I last saw him as he crossed the VIP area on Saturday as he headed in the direction of the lavatories.".

Michael Shrimpton, an Intelligence & National Security analyst stated on one radio show: "I conclude on the balance of probabilities that Christopher Shale was assassinated and the probable assassinating agency is ‘GO-2' or ‘General Operations 2'". When asked why he answered "Well, he was certainly in possession of what we call ‘bio-leverage’, or high-grade intelligence damaging to a senior member of the government, and was in a position to bring it down.". Shale was also in an elite group of friends called "The Chipping Norton Set" which included many people involved with the Phone Hacking Scandal. We wonder if Shale maybe knew too much about that scandal and his death had nothing to do with the leaked memo as the scandal and Rupert Murdoch takedown only serves as another act of falsely giving the public the impression that something is being done about the corruption between the media, the police and politicians.

And in one more symbolic act, David Cameron said that Christopher Shale "was my Rock".. again with another Glastonbury "Rock" mention.

Glastonbury 2011: The Worship of False Idols and More False Hope

What we witnessed at this year's Glastonbury was firstly a confirmation of this self proclaimed new era that THEY (The Hierarchy Enslaving You) have been pushing on us, as our last article stated, and secondly that THEY are a sick bunch of lying and manipulative occultists. The BBC, the founders & organisers of the festival, and the headlining acts are all in on it. From the opening ceremony dedication of Orpheus to U2's subliminals and weird behaviour to Coldplay's subtle indoctrination to Beyonce's all out goddess and sun worship to the seedy worlds of Block9, we found that this festival was a lot more than what lies on the surface, a lot more than what we could even cover here. We strongly suggest that you do your own research into the festival and surrounding area.

In essence, this whole festival is done to condition the masses into a form of Dionysian worship. Not everyone attending partakes in the drink, drugs and promiscuity that is rife among the revellers but that's fine with THEM (The Hierarchy Enslaving Mankind). THEY have something for everybody. What ever way THEY can use you and your energy, love and emotions THEY will pounce on it and channel it for their own purposes via the "Entertainment". Come to the Pyramid Stage, worship our Idols and direct your veneration towards our massive Spiritual Satellite so we can send praise to our gods and hopefully one day they'll manifest here on Earth! Er.. No thanks!

Glastonbury 2011 (The Occult Review)
Written by: Zoe Joanne Hudson & Brent Lee Regan
Copyright: Unassimilated 2011