Monday, 13 July 2015

A Believer In Exile (What Is The Word Of God?)

These are my thoughts at the present moment of time. I reserve the right to correct these musings if at any time I realize I am wrong. I am a spiritual being created by The Divine, having a human experience, and that human element is flawed and prone to error so please forgive me if what I say to you is heresy.

I am a Christian and a believer in exile. I am in exile from the church, the religion and the majority of my community because of what I believe. This belief may shock you, believer and Atheist alike.
I do not believe "The Holy Bible" is the inerrant word of God -


Please don't get me wrong. I do not reject the Bible. I do believe there is gold within the texts and with understanding, insight and context you can find God and absolute truth there. And if you ask, God will speak to you through it. I have experienced this and I know it to be true. But still, this Fundamentalist tenet of the Christian faith where one must believe that The Holy Bible is the inerrant Word of God and therefore is the absolute truth and authority on how to think and behave, is one of the main reasons why so many brothers and sisters around the world are in exile. We believe in Yeshua (Jesus) but not the Bible or the authority of the church.

How can this be?

Well, what we know today as ...The Holy Book... is a collection of somewhat harmonious texts, books, letters and other writings.. Bible actually means "collection of books" or "Library". In fact there are 66 of these "books".  Out of these 66, it is commonly thought that 40 or so authors penned them all. The Old testament contains 39 writings, written by 32 different authors between 1600 BC and 443 BC  - The New testament contains 27 writings by eight different authors between 50 AD and 90 AD. Over the next milllenia and a half a few attempts to combine various texts in to one collection occurred and by 1611 AD the public started to slowly gain access to "The Holy Bible - The King James Authoritative Version"

Now, some of the dates are an approximate and there has been a lot of academic debate regarding when each book was written and how many authors there actually were.

For example... Genesis it is claimed, was penned by Moses. But upon closer inspection, it would seem that Genesis was possibly written by four different authors. Deuteronomy was also attributed to Moses but we know he couldn't have finished it as it describes his death and burial. And some of Paul's letters appear to not have been written by him either. Seven of them are considered genuine while six are in question.

Those few examples just ramped 40 authors up to a possible 50 and there could be dozens more. What I know is a lot of people contributed to the Bible. A lot of different types of people living at different times from each other. It is a very human collection of books. All of the authors were just like you and me, unique creations of The Divine. Spiritual beings having a very human experience and some of them started writing this human struggle down.

Some of it was not pretty.

Yet in one way it was. It was all beautiful and divine. It is a reflection of who we are, who we were and who we will be. It is a reflection of what we are capable of, the good and the bad. It is a reflection of our constant search for the peace in knowing God's love. And this reflection is not limited to The Bible.

The authors of the bible were human, and they were magnificent and fallible, like I am and like you are. And they wrote these books to explain and document their struggle, they wrote these books about their understanding of God and their relationship with God.

Translation, translation, translation

One absolutely vital aspect to my understanding of these texts is to understand what words actually mean what. The Old Testament writers spoke numerous languages (Babylonian, Greek, Egyptian, Akkadian and Aramaic to name a few) depending on what era they were living in and linked with where they were. But they also kept their own language and writing, Hebrew. This was due to a foreign people living in a foreign land and when you are in another country you obviously have to learn the language to communicate and over generations some are more fluent in the language of where they live as opposed to where they come from. These Jewish authors wrote their original books in Hebrew. From 350 BC to 150 BC much of what we know as The Old Testament was translated into Greek. This is known as The Septuagint, "Translation of the Seventy" named after the 70 Jewish scholars who originally started to translate the first five books of Moses in 350 BC.

In the time of Yeshua of Nazareth, Palestine was occupied by the Roman Empire. The Jewish people in Palestine spoke Aramaic as their first language since their release from Babylon and Greek as their second, while Hebrew was still used in religious ceremony and among the Jewish elite. The Romans would generally speak Greek but all legal matters were written in Latin.

So what we need to understand here is that Yeshua and his followers mainly spoke Aramaic, some knew Hebrew as their second language and some knew Greek. But most importantly Yeshua spoke Aramaic to all his followers and at all of his public appearances mainly because that is what everybody else could understand. We don't know if these disciples wrote down anything Yeshua said in Aramaic, I would suggest an obvious yes but what we are clear of is the Gospels that would become The New Testament were at some point in the very early 2nd century written down in Greek. Nobody knows the source documents that these were copied from, but common consensus among scholars is that one existed.

In 382 AD these books started to be translated into Latin. From Latin the next significant translations were over 1,000 years later into the German and then English. And now from the English we have Bibles translated into every other language even Klingon...

With all that in mind...

Let me give you one example of why due to the many translations over so many years, we now have a convoluted version of God's word that we can not take literally. This was one of my first revelations to understanding the truth and so I want to share it with you.

It's not a talking snake!

We all know the story... Adam and Eve are in the Garden of Eden and God tells them not to eat from the Tree of Knowing Good and Evil. One day Eve's on her lonesome and up walks a talking snake... - wait, what? A walking, talking snake? - Yes, a talking snake... and this talking snake deceives Eve into eating the one thing she's not supposed to eat. God then punishes the snake to "forever crawl on it's belly".

I'm not trying to make a joke here, I just understand how ridiculous this can sound to some people. And it kind of does sound ridiculous but the thing is, this snake isn't a snake. It's a N*CH*SH (say it like this: Nuh-Cash). Which can be translated from Hebrew to English as "SERPENT" however, it also means "SHINING ONE" and "DIVINER". Which to me, that sounds a lot more like Lucifer. An entity, something a lot more capable of walking and talking and deceiving rather than a snake which makes it sound like a fairy tale.

Serpent - Lucifer was Head of the Seraphim, a serpentine type angel. There's much discussion about what type Lucifer himself was as the Bible itself varies on that answer. One thing we know is he was the Archangel of the highest order of Angels and the highest order of Angels are the Seraphim.

Shining One - It's all in the name! Lucifer is Latin for "Light Bearer" or "Shining One". He can appear as an Angel of Light. He stood in the direct glory of God and would shine as the Seraphim do.

Diviner - This is a real interesting one. A Diviner is one who practices the arts of Divination, something that is explicitly banned by God. And I truly believe that, don't mess with it. Why I think this is an important term to not leave out is because when the other angels fell and came to earth, they taught us these arts. And who is their leader now? Lucifer.

Of course, it's common knowledge to Christians that the snake in the Garden of Eden is the devil, yet most of you think he took the form of a snake when that really doesn't need to be the case. Know what that word means and it will open up a wealth of understanding in the Bible. I want you to understand God seriously and not turn away because of this kind of simplistic and offensive statement I was once at the end of...

"What? You believe in a talking snake?! Stupid Christian...". Yeah, cheers mate.

In conclusion

What I've laid out for you are just a few of the reasons why I believe what I believe and why I feel these understandings bring me closer to God yet further away from my brethren. I am open to debate any of these points to anyone (leave a comment or add me on facebook/twitter). I have a ton of more examples and God willing, I'll get round to posting a few more articles on this subject but for now... Much love and many blessings!

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Through the Veil (RIP David Mohr)

Peace and blessings... 

I don't quite know how to start this... but something happened to me yesterday, it was very intimate and I need to share it with you. I need to share it with you because it's real, it's significant to everyone and it could help someone out there... and if it could help just one of you, then that is good enough.

Circle of Friends

Yesterday was Saturday the 11th of July 2015. Zoe and I got up after a little lay in and went to the living room to settle down for our weekend breakfast and decided catch up on Masterchef. As Zoe suggested what to watch, I was about to walk out of the room when the back of my robe swooshed over an ornament we have on our small fire place and brought it crashing to the floor. I looked down and noticed it was our "Circle of Friends" candle holder. Four of the five figures smashed to pieces yet one was left standing. I didn't think anything of it at first just thought, oh great it's gonna be a clumsy Brent day. 

Do you want the bad news or the bad news first?

So on we went, carrying on with our breakfast and Masterchef catch up. When we were finished, I went out for a cigarette and started to scroll through Facebook on my phone and I saw an obituary with my friends' picture on it...

...I was in total shock for an hour. It didn't seem real. At all. 

David Mohr (AKA American Dave, AKA Cali) was one of my best friends for the short time we spent together. I loved that guy. I know it's cliche but he truly was the life and soul of the party. He has been a huge influence on me. I know that so many people who met him will be gutted to know that he has passed away, and at just 38. And it's even more confusing and tragic to learn that the Dave we knew ended his own life. 

After an hour it started to sink in and I couldn't keep it in. In england we use the term "gutted" in place of sad or dissapointed, and I don't believe there is a better term to use for how I feel about our loss of Dave... I really do feel gutted... like I have a huge hole in the center of my being.

The funeral is today...

Upon finding out that Dave had actually passed away a week ago, I found out that his funeral would be later on that day... 11am in Tampa Florida, 4pm here in the UK. I figured I could pay my respect to him at the same time as his family and the rest of his friends where all gathered in memorium. And at about 3pm I started listening to one of the Hip Hop artists Dave introduced me to way back in the day, The Notorious BIG. We listened to Biggie all the time, every time I play Biggie I think of him and those times so it felt like an appropriate soundtrack for me to listen to and remember our bond. I put all three albums on shuffle and kicked back. 

By 3:45 I started to get ready for my own little ceremony.. I rolled a joint and then got a candle out and placed it on the now broken "Circle of Friends" candle holder at 3:55pm ready to light both at 4pm.. 

At 3:59 it happened. The last song of Biggie's "Ready to Die" album came on... "Suicidal Thoughts". I shouted out "Oh, for F*** sake!" and it hit me. Dave is with me, right now and he wants me to listen. I wanted to skip the song, but I could feel that it was the wrong thing to do. As much as it would hurt, I need to listen to the song so I can understand the significance and experience the truth and the tragedy.

So at 4pm I was sitting listening to Biggie's "Suicidal Thoughts" by candle light... sounds pretty morbid and believe me when the song ended, I looked up with tears in my eyes and said to him "You know that was friggin morbid man!" and then I couldn't help but chuckle. So after listening to a few more tracks and praying, I paused it near the end of one song and went outside. I sat in the glorious sun for 20 mins while I blazed and reminisced about so many great times and felt really connected and at peace. 

Afterwards I went back to the living room and hit resume on the music player. As the song that was previously on pause was ending, I said to myself "What's next? Goin' back to Cali?" and boom, the song came on "Going back to Cali". (Please bare in mind that his nickname was Cali, this was his song). I couldn't believe it, I was elated, and I sat there and rapped along and bobbed along, it felt like we were back in his parent's car jamming to Biggie together again. 

After that song, "Playa Hata" came on and the essence of the song really describes Dave's attitude. At the end of the song, Biggie is on stage in a lounge speaking to the crowd as the band winds down. He starts to say goodbye to everyone and thanks them for coming and it was right there again that I knew Dave was here, comforting me, saying his goodbyes and letting me say goodbye to him too. When the song ended, the room went dark because a cloud went passed the sun and I felt his energy go, right then and right there. 

It was amazing. Life is beautiful and it is tragic and it goes on. 

Life After Death...

I know this isn't written very well, but I just wanted to write it as it happened. I just wanted to share it with you so maybe you'll find comfort and know that this life is not the end of the road. Some of you may think that it's all coincidence but you can't convince me, you didn't experience what I did. Our circle of friends was broken (at least on the physical plane) and it was poignant that we were watching Masterchef when I found out as when Dave moved back to America he went and graduated from culinary school to become a Chef. Later he spoke to me through the music on shuffle to help me understand and come to terms with his death. These were not coincidences, I am completely sane and sound of mind and suffer no mental delusions... this was real. 

I'm not certain of what this experience truly was, but I wonder this... If the Holy Spirit is the comforter, did Jesus send the Holy Spirit to accompany Dave on a field trip to earth to say goodbye and comfort us on the day of his funeral? I know some will say that's not theologically sound but I know the difference between the benevolent and malevolent.  

What I am certain of is that Dave is with God now and Jesus has accepted him into his arms and healed him. There is life after death and we are all connected to those we love. You will see them again. I will see you again Dave, Rest in Paradise my brother. One Love!

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Reality Is Relative - New track from #RealityIsRelative

Brent Lee Regan - Reality Is Relative


What do my eyes see in this epoch of Pisces?
Too many crisis'... We are in a tight squeeze
The Mede's are attacking your senses and your psyche
You can't take flight or fight when you buy it quietly
Still I fight the right to flee
Because I've got the Divine light guiding me
At first I was blind but now I can see
See, it is us not them that are the Iluminati
We're enligtenment, We're righting them - Strike
Fighting them, fighting fire with a pen
You'll never lie to us again... We'll ride it to the end
This movement's multiplying... You won't win, give in
All you citizens of Sin City, sitting in your Synagogues
Sitting pretty, thinking that you're all really gods
It's not true, You're faiths are frilly frauds
I ain't gonna stop untill you satan's are on cinder blocks

See... You will see what THEY want you to see
You would see more if you would believe
We all were destined to be the death knell in their conspiracy

Now ring the bell out, they're bringing hell out
We gotta ensure that none of them get the bail out
So yell out at the top of your lungs "We'll never sell out"
Nope, not us or our young
So come to us... Let them succumb to fuss
The world is just cause they've thrown themselves under a bus
Or am I just dreaming of Freedom or seeing one "being"
All seeing, all knowing, all loving, all healing
One thing I know is I don't really know
If it's all really real or a reality show
Am I Truman Burbank or am I really Neo?
If I'm stuck in Shawshank then who is the PO? 
Can I tunnel my way out? Is there a pill to dissolve?
If I swim out in the ocean will I hit the wall?
When the set comes crumbling down like the temple,,,
...what will the world resemble?

See... You will see what THEY want you to see
You would see more if you would believe
We all were destined to be the death knell in their conspiracy
See... You will see what THEY want you to see
You would see more if you would believe
Every man, child and woman is free if we all own our own destiny

Reality Is Relative. EP coming soon...

Take Me To The Land Of Hope - New track from #RealityIsRelative

Brent Lee Regan - Take Me To The Land Of Hope


Aw man, you might wanna shut me up
Carve out my tongue, rip out my guts
Chuck 'em 'tween my lips and sew them shut
Cause these are things that are driving me nuts
These Masonic schmucks... Satanic douchebags...
Claiming that they're good when all they ever do is bad
Man, I've had it up to here with the nonsense
How am I supposed to reason with a demon with no conscience?
Honestly, what can I logically do?
Huh? Half of the world doesn't think that it's true
And our friends and our family, they think that we're cuckoo
But that ain't cool, we ain't nobody's fool
We ain't nobody's tool... Nobody's pawn
I'd rather pimp the system than be it's John
So with the world in my palm I can stand tall and strong
Until the demons are gone

I ain't gonna stop if a demon come try
Put his dirty hands on my throat... No!
I ain't gonna stop till Jesus come and
Take me to the land of Hope... Yeah!

Can't stop me revealing all of the teachings that you believe in
Can't stop me recieving all of the healing that I've been seeking

Ow, Somebody stop me!
Don't just watch me, step up and block me
Before I say something a little cocky... Like
The Queen's a pagan and Blair is a Nazi
Ah, but B... Can you really prove it?
Yes I can prove it, what do you think I'm stupid?
What food will suffice if you're too scared to chew it
You should read our blogs if you listen to my music
Truth is stranger than fiction
Easier to swallow with a couple of lies mixed in
Which is probably why it's so hard for you to listen
To the words that I've written in this verse that I'm spittin'
You can supress the words but you can't supress me
I AM the truth manifested in Brent Lee
I've been sent to dethrone these Nephilim clones
Take the sword from the stone
And stick it in the devils dome

I ain't gonna stop if a demon come try
Put his dirty hands on my throat... No!
I ain't gonna stop till Jesus come and
Take me to the land of Hope... Yeah!

Can't stop me revealing all of the teachings that you believe in
Can't stop me recieving all of the healing that I've been seeking

Reality Is Relative. EP coming soon...

Hear My Prayer - New track from #RealityIsRelative

Brent Lee Regan - Hear My Prayer


Lord, do you got a second
Do you reckon you could maybe hear my prayer?
To the Angels in the air, can you take it there
Where God is aware
Of where I am and where I stand
I ask that you might grab my hand
I come before the Son of Man
With the faith of Abraham
There's way too much young blood spillin'
Way too many young thugs killin'
Way too much sinnin'
Way too many villians
And too many feelin' that it's in your name
But I know it is in vain
You never wanted us to be estranged
No, you never wanted us to fall let alone feel pain

So i'm calling out my SOS... The world's a mess...
I must confess to harboring hate and getting stressed
At the Architects of our duress
So bless my enemies 
And anyone who's ever been a friend to me
And please bless my family tree...
Every branch and every leaf
I just need your assistance
Please assist me with existence
I will never ever resist your wishes
Following you, is where my bliss is
This is it... I submit...
And I will give you my life
I'm a witness for GOD... For LOVE... And for LIGHT!

Wherever you are - I'm never that far
I run through your heart and your veins - I feel your pain
Don't ever lose Strength cause I AM where you are...
I'm never that far
I run through your heart and your veins - I feel your pain
Don't ever lose Faith cause I AM where you are...

Reality Is Relative. EP coming soon...

Hands Up! - New track from #RealityIsRelative

Brent Lee Regan - Hands Up!


There once was a time when the rhyme would reside in my mind...

But that time is gone now we're at the dawn of a new age
Things are getting hairy but do not look away
We gotta make it through the dirt first, make it through the crusades
It might take years, it might take a few decades
But eventually we'll be the change that we want to see
One common goal... One humanity
Free from aggresion, oppression, obsession
Free from our leaders and the misdirection
From Illuminated one's who are all just bluffing
E Pleribus Unum's really adding up to nothing
They're cousins kissing cousins, they're really all in covens
Like Hansel and Gretel, push the witch into the oven
And escape from the candy coated layer of deciet
So you'll see you and me have heaven at our feet
It was never out of reach, it was always right here
And that's what they've always feared.

Don't put your hands up! 
Because they'll probably shoot you anyway
Don't be afraid, look the hate in it's face
And link your arms to the side
There's only You and I (UNITY)
Don't ever put your hands to the sky

There once was a man who thought man was all but a man...
With a plan... In his hand...

But that man is gone now that I've been born from above
When the spirit descended in the form of a dove
She washed away my slate and filled my core up with love
And sure enough, I got everything I was assured of
One true bond with one true soul 
Ringo and a place to call a home
A musical gift with the passion of Yeshua
When I step to the mic it's like I'm stepping right up to ya
I got anew idea for a new political party
One that heeds the needs of every living body
We can call it Humanocracy... Base our laws on harmony...
Focus our Economy on saving our Ecology
And tie it to the philosophy of Human Rights
I mean... Can't we get along? Can't we not fight?
Who's right, who's wrong isn't always black and white
When there's a multitude of colours in the spectrum of light

Am I right?

Don't put your hands up! 
Because they'll probably shoot you anyway
Don't be afraid, look the hate in it's face
And link your arms to the side
There's only You and I (UNITY)
Don't ever put your hands to the sky

Reality Is Relative. EP coming soon...

Journeys: The Series

Shalom brothers and sisters! As some of you already were aware, one of my album releases was entitled "Journeys In The Land of Midi, Free Samples and VSTi's". This was intended to be a selection of material that I had done over the years that weren't exactly, how can I put it: "Brent Lee Regan Album" worthy. But nonetheless it was material that I still wanted to share. From the conception of putting that release together, I had always envisioned that I would like to make a series of compilations under that "Journeys" banner to be released in conjunction with my actual "Retail" albums. Well, I am happy to say that the new album (Reality Is Relative) is currently being written and as a precursor to it's eventual release, I have TWO more of these Journeys now available for free or donations at Bandcamp!  (<- Click to go to Bandcamp)Journeys II: Up From The Deep
Journeys III: Apis Mellifera Instrumentals & Demos The fourth in this series "Journeys IV: The Sketchbook" will also be available shortly at the beginning of March! All of my releases as of now are available at a "Name Your Own" price, which means you can download it for FREE or if you prefer, you can make any donation to help me out. If you are interested in getting it for free, just click the "Buy Now" button and put 0.00 in the price box and the download will be sent to your email inbox! If you are interested in making a donation for the material, all you have to do is type any numerical amount in the price box and your download link will be sent to your email inbox! Please note, any donation you make will be split 50/50 between myself and an act of charity. Meaning, I will give half of what you give straight to helping out our fellow brothers and sisters in need. It will not go to an organization, rather I will go and spend that money personally on food, clothes, blankets or shelter and go give them straight to a homeless person and things of that nature!
That's all for now... as always: Much Love & Many Blessings to you ALL! - Brent Lee Regan